Oswestry Volunteers

An Oswestry Cambrian Rotary  Club community project

Make a donation to Osyteers

make a donation

Make a Donation

Osyteers are very grateful for any donation we receive.

If you would like to donate on-line then please go to the MyDonate button below and follow these steps.

Donating through MyDonate couldn’t be easier!

  1. Click on the “Mydonate” icon on  the right to make a donation to Osyteers.
  2. Then click on “Donate to Charity” tab on menu bar
  3. In the “Search for a Charity” box, enter “Osyteers” in Enter a Charity Name then click “Search Now” purple button and Osyteers area pops up.
  4. In Osyteers area click “Donate now” button.
  5. Ignore “Personal log-in” tab and click on “I’m not registered” tab.
  6. Click Continue button.
  7. Follow steps 1-3.

Thank you

BT do not take any fee or cut from your donation!